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We gathered a few resources that might support you and colleagues in thinking about place-based writing and learning in the context of Write Out and beyond. We also know you might have your own resources to recommend; please add suggestions and comments below.

The Power of Argument: Independence National Historical Park

Place-Based Learning: Using Your Location as a Classroom

Trailer: Place-based Learning Inspiration – Classrooms to Communities (C2C)

Place-Based Art Education

Place Based Education Excerpt by David Sobel by David Sobel, 2004

Reading Landscapes: Nature Writing in the 21st Century Workshop Resources
Reading Landscapes is a joint collaboration between the Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield and Weir Farm National Historic Site, Connecticut’s only National Park. These resources were gathered for the 2017 Reading Landscapes event and include resources on eco-criticism, environmental literature and place-based writing.

Learning to Make Choices for the Future: Connecting Public Lands, Schools, and Communities through Place-based Learning and Civic Engagement
A manual was prepared by The Center for Place-based Learning and Community Engagement and A Forest For Every Classroom, December 2008

What is Place Based Education: Promise of Place Website
A website project of the Center for Place-based Learning and Community Engagement in New Hampshire.

From the Tule Lake Segregation Center to the Virtual World
A set of curriculum and the story behind the curriculum created in collaboration with the Bay Area Writing Project, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the National Japanese American Historical Society, and the Tule Lake Committee.

A Geography of Stories: Helping Secondary Students Come to Voice Through Readings, People, and Place
An excerpt fromRural voices: Place-conscious education and the teaching of writing by Phip Ross which articulates how students’ awareness of personal identity contributes to a unique sense of voice.

Place-Based Poetry, Modeling One Revision at a Time
With the goal of helping her students create free-form poetry that engages “the part of their brains that allows them to crawl into deep recesses of memory, shake hidden treasures awake, and write from their souls,” Ann Gardner illustrates each step of the writing process she introduces to her students. Sharing a close look at student writing, she juxtaposes specific revisions made by one student from the Navajo reservation with those created through her modeling with the class.

“I’m a Writer”: Essays on the Writing Marathon and Why We Write
“I’m a Writer”: Essays on the Writing Marathon and Why We Write, an anthology by Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project teachers, addresses two connected subjects: the “New Orleans style” writing marathon that has caught on at National Writing Project sites across the country, and why writers write.

A Park in Your Backyard—Summer Youth Programs & More at the National Park (NWP Radio, 2014)
Summary: When teacher-leaders at a National Writing Project site and like-minded park rangers from a nearby National Park collaborate to develop youth programs, deep learning happens. Listen to an engaging conversation with four teams who have partnered to develop meaningful opportunities for young people as they reshape their relationship to place through writing in historic sites.

Opening the Walls of the Classroom and the Boundaries of the Park
Resources in this collection have emerged from a growing partnership between the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Writing Project (NWP) designed to bolster connected learning opportunities within the national parks and reach more young visitors and educators.

Related books:

Bourne, Barbara, Taking Inquiry Outdoors: Reading, Writing, and Science Beyond the
Classroom Walls. 2000. Stenhouse Publishers.

Brooke, Robert, ed. Rural voices: Place-conscious education and the teaching of writing. Vol. 25. Teachers College Press, 2003.


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