Write Out is a two-week professional development adventure that connects educators and rangers across the country in place-based learning and making. It is set up as an online opportunity with two activity cycles and collaborative spaces for teachers, park rangers, and writers to write, learn and connect together starting July 15, 2018. Write Out is sponsored by the National Writing Project through a partnership with the National Park Service.

Write Out is an open online adventure for educators and park rangers to connect in local and virtual spaces while we explore the natural and historical resources around us. It’s design is influenced by the partnership work of Writing project and National Park Service sites across the country as well as the principles of Connected Learning. Over the course of the two weeks we will play with new tools and processes, share our results and our learning, and explore possibilities.

This summer, we hope to encourage you—educators, teachers, mentors, and National Park Service staff—to take your writing and teaching self outside, into the natural wonders of open landscapes and historical spaces, and explore through the eyes of connected teachers, connected learners, and connected park rangers. Join us for Write Out and explore the possibilities for partnership, learning, and collaboration with like-minded educators across the country!

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