There are many ways to connect here at Write Out!

Connect/Share via Events

While most Write Our activities are self-directed there are also a few online activities scheduled during each week that provide an opportunity to virtually connect, live and “in person.”

Connect/Share via Socials

We also encourage you to use a range of online tools and resources to support connecting to each other and to the wider world through these weeks. A key goal of an open online event is to tap into the possibilities of social learning by using the capacity of networked technologies to connect with each other, even if we are at a distance. In this way we can share what we learn in our local place while also connecting and developing our collective knowledge.

Join the G+ community and share your maps, writings, and other content! Make sure you check out what others are adding as well. Geolocate yourself and places of interest to you on our Map, and add some related media so we know more about that place/space. Tweet out the things you post and add #writeout so we can see it as part of the larger twitter feed.

The social spaces and some helpful getting-started resources:

Connect/Share Face-to-Face

Connecting face-to-face with other teachers, mentors and rangers in your own community is another great way to participate in Write Out. Here is an example of how one person is organizing in Durham, New Hampshire.

One-stop via will be the “one-stop” shop for the two weeks of activities for Write Out. When the weekly activity cycles begin, the news will be posted here. If you would like to receive the news via email, sign up.