Morphogenesis Diagrams, Alan Turning

AMT/K/3, The Turing Digital Archive

Alan Turing’s Little-Known Contributions to Biology and His Mesmerizing Hand-Drawn Diagrams of Dappling Patterns, The Marginalian

The document shown in images 6 and 6a consists of a full-sized page (approximately 33 x 41 cm), with a half-page attached to it at the top edge using two pieces of black plastic tape as hinges. Image 6 shows the underlying full-sized page with the half-sized page flipped up (out of sight), image 6a shows the document when the half-sized page has been flipped down. The same situation pertains to images 9 and 9a – the underlying document (image 9) is a full-sized page (approximately 33 x 41 cm) , and it has a half-sized page hinged to it at the top edge, which can be seen flipped down in image 9a.