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Writing In with #WriteOut

What happens if instead of going outside to write, we practice what it means to write in together? What if we were explorers of our own spaces and places, curators of our artifacts and archives, writers of our own experiences and histories? As an act of solidarity and community safety, we are encouraging all writers

Thank You And Final Reflections, Write Out 2019

Sometimes, we plant seeds and wait for flowers to bloom. Write Out is a bit like that. Two weeks of activities and events, with the National Day on Writing right at the center of it all, can arrive like a stiff prairie wind, and then, before you know it, it’s over.  However, like those seeds,

Write Out Week 2: Sharing Stories

October 20–27, 2019 Happy National Day on Writing Happy National Day on Writing everyone! We hope you have enjoyed participating in #writeout activities so far, including our first video hangout and our first Twitter chat. We have been inspired and energized by the many shared stories and live events that have emerged from Week One

Write Out Week One: Discovering Stories, October 13-19, 2019

Welcome to Write Out 2019 Discovering Stories is a guiding theme for this first week’s cycle of place-based activities. Look up, look out, look around. What do you notice that you haven’t seen before, or in a while? Where might you look? Online, in books and magazines, or in your local (or national) park, what might

Write Out, Summer 2018

Write Out was a two-week professional development adventure, sponsored by the National Writing Project through a partnership with the National Park Service, that connected educators and rangers across the country in place-based learning and making in July 2018. Write Out, as an event, was created as an online opportunity with two activity cycles and collaborative spaces for teachers, park

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