Write Out With Us

Your organization can be part of Write Out, the two-week celebration of writing and the great outdoors that helps families, afterschool clubs, classrooms, and explorers of all ages get out from behind screens to enjoy the natural world.

Our Audience

The Write Out audience is built on a foundation of National Writing Project’s audience of k-16 teachers, libraries, and community spaces but extends beyond that audience with special communication channels to reach families and partners through the National Park Service and Write Out partners.

As a distributed network of local teachers, National Writing Project works with over 95,000 educators in classrooms and other education spaces each year reaching 6 million students.

More than 227,000 unique users generate over 39,000 webpage views each month.

We have 88,000 individual followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that create over 1.1M impressions each year, or roughly 94,000 impressions each month.

Media Metrics

Podcast streams and downloads average over 1,700 each month, or over 20,000 per year.

Video content receives over 18,000 views each year.

Those views total over 108,000 minutes watched, an average of 9,000 minutes each month.

Write Out With Us

In addition to signing up and participating in October, there are more ways for you and your organization to Write Out with Us.

Become a Write Out Partner

Join as a Write Out Partner and help imagine what is possible while getting the word out about your organization’s Write Out related events.

Donate to Our Campaign

Your donation to Write Out With Us supports place-based learning that includes not only schools, but also learning at home and in the community.