Write Out 2022—Looking forward to a STEAM-powered October

“It was refreshing to step outside of my usual box and consider connections to something I love—the outdoors!”

—Teacher from Georgia

“I learned to focus on the things around me and in front of me in nature instead of focusing on my internal stress.”

—High school student in Boise

Dear Dr. Early, I love your write outs!

—3rd grade student from Arizona

Write Out (#writeout) is a two-week open event, organized through a partnership of the National Writing Project and the National Park Service as a series of online activities where educators, students, and the public are invited to explore national parks, outdoor spaces, and other public places to connect and learn through place-based writing and sharing. 

Write Out runs every October and includes the National Day of Writing on October 20th. Themes for Write Out change year to year and overlap with the monthly themes of the National Park Service.

In 2022 we are looking forward to a STEAM-Powered event, October 9th to the 23rd.

Past themes and quick links to related resources include:

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