Write Out Map-spiration!

Springfield Armory: Powered by Immigrants.
Made by Kevin Hodgson | Made with Google Maps

Hampton National Historical Site
Made by Vicki McQuitty | Made with Thinglink

Reading Landscapes: Writing Nature
The Reading Landscapes: Nature Writing in the 21st Century Workshop by Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield and Weir Farm National Historic Site | Made with Google My Maps and Google 360

Park in My Back Yard
Made by Charlene Doland | Made with Haiku Deck

Park in My Backyard – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Springfield Armory: Old Maps Uncover Stories Poem
Made by Kevin Hodgson | Made with Animoto and primary sources

Soundscape Map
Made by Karen Fasimpaur | Made with Soundcloud

#streetview #learningwalk #map in the parking garage at UCSD
Made by Kim Douillard | Made with pic collage

My lunch time walking routes plus duck pond (with Killer Geese)
Made by Andrea Zellner | Made with colored pencils

Interactive Image Maps
Made by Courageous Writers: Hudson Valley Writing Project | Made with Wix and YOUVisit

Concept Map
Created by Daniel Bassill | Created with CMap

Heart & Place Map
Created by Bethany Silva | Created with smart phone and iMovie 

Walk/Run/Collect/Make @ Washington Square Park
Created by Christina Cantrill | Created with Adobe Spark