Make Your Notebook

Find everything you need to create and customize your very own notebook! Don’t forget to share your creation using the hashtag #writeout.

Create and Customize a Nature Journal

Learn how to create and customize a nature journal with Leandra Taylor of Outdoor Afro.

Go Outside and Make a Zine

A how-to Zine guide with examples inspired by the great outdoors.

Decorate Your Notebook

Make your notebook your own; from the Science Notebook Center at Cal Academy.

Make a Notebook with Cardboard and String

An easy notebook design using recycled cardboard, hole-puncher and yarn from PBS Kids. Comes with Molly of Denali’s Field Guide to Birdwatching.

DIY Journal by @grammasheri

Sheri Edwards, also known as @grammasheri, made this tutorial especially for Write Out to show you how she creates her own DIY journals. Scissors and thicker paper required.

DIY Rubber Band and Stick Notebook

A DIY tutorial by ArtistYear Americorps Fellows for making a simple notebook with rubber bands and sticks. A hole-puncher comes in handy too!

8-page Mini Notebook DIY

Here’s another DIY tutorial on how to make another kind of 8-page mini notebook with one sheet of paper. Scissors required. Image of student journal writing shared via #writeout by @kd0602.

DIY Field Notebooks with Binding

Here’s a bit more of a complex DIY process from Instructables involving cutting and sewing; make your very own field-style notebooks instead of buying them at the store.

Go Digital with iNaturalist’s Seek App

The Seek App allows curious naturalists of all ages to earn badges and participate in challenges to observe organisms with on-screen identification using computer vision for identifications based on data from iNaturalist. Works with Apple and Android.

PocketMod: A Digital/Paper Zine Combo

PocketMod lets you create Zine style notebooks with digital content temples and connect with a community of others doing the same.

Hack Your Notebook with Cibitronics and Nextmap

For all you hands-on tech enthusiasts, check out these resources for hacking your paper notebooks to illuminate your thinking and program your pages.

Science and Engineering Project Laboratory Notebooks

A lab notebook is an important part of any research or engineering project. This resource from Science Buddies outlines the whys, hows and whats to know.

Interactive Science Notebooks

Western Massachusetts Writing Project teacher Lisa Rice shares her designs for supporting students in making Interactive Notebooks for Science class.

Field Journal (Making) Activity

Tips from the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska on keeping a field journal that start with making one of your own.