Let’s get started with Write Out 2020!

Welcome colleagues and friends! Write Out begins today, October 11th and will run through the 25th. The theme of this year’s event is Stories Around the Campfire which connects to the National Park Service theme for October.

Below are ideas and resources that you can use at your own pace and in your own way. We encourage you to share your writing and connect with others via the #writeout hashtag—find each other on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We also have printable postcards if you and your writers need a break from all the digital.

We will host broadcasted events on Wednesday evenings during Write Out. This week, join fellow teachers and rangers in a discussion about “Creating Writing Marathons in Our Classrooms, Parks and Beyond!” livestreamed on Facebook on October 14, 2020 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Remember: even if you have just 5 minutes each week, 2 hours one day, or if you can spend a whole week with Write Out, that’s perfect! We look forward to connecting with you.

Ready? Let’s go …

Daily Sparks: Writing Prompts with Rangers

National Park Service Rangers from around the country have made some fun daily writing prompt videos to inspire your writing, and can’t wait to ‘visit’ you in your classroom, your home, or your office!

Gather Around: Stories to Share and Make

Storytelling colleagues and friends have created story-filled videos to inspire writing and storytelling! Intended for use by your students or national park visitors, these stories are meant to support a range of ages and interests.

Beacons: Write Out Writing Marathons

What is a writing marathon? The quick answer: an opportunity for writers to gather, write, walk, talk, explore, and grow through shared experience. We invite you to explore virtual writing marathons from across the country and learn how to create your own.

Share #WriteOut Socials and Postcards

Follow and share with the #writeout hashtag on social media and tap into conversations happening at @writeoutconnect and the Write Out Facebook Group. We also have printable postcards available with addresses for Rangers and Storytellers.

Browse Write Out Bookshelf

Pull a few books or stories off the Write Out Bookshelves to take to your gathering. Featuring a collection of Indigenous Authors, these shelves are filled with stories of nature, national parks, writing outside, and more.

Place-Based Writing Resources

Over time, Write Out educators have gathered many resources to support writing outside, place-based education, and National Park Service links to support place-based work and writing. Check out the growing collection and find readings, podcasts, and more.

Build Safe Campfires

With Stories Around the Campfire as our theme, we gathered a few things that might be helpful, whether you are creating your gatherings inside, outside, or online.

With roasted marshmallows on our mind,
— The Write Out Team