Once you complete the poetry challenge inspired by primary documents at Nicodemus National Historic Site, continue to “spark” your writing at parks near you using any of these writing prompts and resources curated by our colleagues at the National Park Service. Don’t forget to share your creation using the hashtag #writeout.

Gateway Arch National Monument

Join Ranger Matt from the Gateway Arch National Monument in St. Louis for this Haiku or 6-Word Story challenge.

Roosevelt National Historic Site

Join Ranger Alexi at the Roosevelt National Historic Site and find a sit spot and discover the world around you through writing.

Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument

Write, draw, sing, rap, or dance about this topic: “What freedom means to me.” from the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument’s Junior Ranger Booklet (PDF) →

Carl Sandburg National Historic Site

Join Ranger Ginger from Carl Sandburg National Historic Site as she explores the writing inspirations of Carl Sandburg and a frequent question he asked himself was “Who am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?”

Jimmy Carter National Historic Park

Ranger Jennifer from Jimmy Carter National Historical Park as she offers a writing prompt inspired by Jimmy Carter’s efforts in renewable energy and sustainability.

More Write Out Park Ranger Prompts …

Take a tour of National Parks and get inspired to write with Park Ranger video prompts collected from across the country for Write Out.